"And That's What You REALLY Missed" Podcast Taking Over iHeartLand

Time to feel all the holiday Glee this season — literally! Because your favorite Glee re-watch podcast, "And That's What You REALLY Missed," is taking over iHeartLand in Fortnite and on Roblox for a fa-la-la fabulous holiday episode.

"And That's What You REALLY Missed" hosts Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz are bringing their podcast to the Metaverse in iHeartLand's State Farm Park as they talk all things Glee while sharing holiday memories, singing songs, and more. Fans can also expect to see another Glee alum joining in on all of the festivities: Darren Criss!

Fans can join Kevin and Jenna in iHeartLand for their special event at State Farm Park in Fortnite and Roblox for two days only, starting Thursday, December 8th at 7pm ET/4pm PT.

"And That's What You REALLY Missed" takes Glee fans all the way from McKinley High to New York City, from the choir room to Nationals, and from the Super Bowl to a world tour, and looks back on fan-favorite moments and never before heard stories with a slew of guests including cast, crew, celebrities and of course, the fans!

Get pumped for the special "And That's What You REALLY Missed" podcast event in iHeartLand by checking out previous episodes of the podcast on iHeartRadio.

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