Amazing Comic Con Aloha in February 2020: Looking at Cosplay with Totoro!

In late February 2020, I took my video camera and audio set up - basic haul! - and enjoyed walking around Waikiki and through the Hawaii Convention Center for AMAZING COMIC CON ALOHA 2020.

My friend Byron Furukawa has taken to recreating fun anime and movie characters to entertain those at these Conventions. I asked if I could follow him around and while my editing is always a #WorkInProgress #WIP, I do hope you see progress hahaha

There were some CUTE moments and if you recognize someone in the video, please share this with them! Mahalo and continue to social distance, wash your hands and wear your face mask...also: pockets!

Tip: I wear my jacket and put my hands in my pockets to prevent touching railings if I don't have a tissue or glove. Be safe and balanced, though!

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