Demi Lovato sang National Anthem, Christine Sun Kim signed at Super Bowl

I watched a Super Bowl (54) highlight story regarding the ASL/American Sign Language interpreter - Ms. Christine Sun Kim - whose performance was not included for the whole duration of the National Anthem, sung by Ms. Demi Lovato, for the television broadcast. (video below)

While most broadcasts online and TV have Closed-Captioning and/or Audio Descriptive (Captioning) setting(s) available, unless you are shown it as an on-screen option, it would be novel.

Personally, I use closed-captioning at home while I watch my screens. When someone is napping or I'm awake very early and don't want to wake anyone with my movie's audio volume, words across the screen helps me follow the dialogue.

Interestingly, it was as recent as 2016 that Hawaii Text to 9-1-1 was made available for Emergency requests. The various mobile carriers coupled with internet providers would make it a challenge to correctly direct text messages to a 9-1-1 dispatch within any given state (hey, I totally understand roaming charges!).

As the article suggested, In Case of Emergency, Calling 9-1-1 is preferred. Your call's location service can be tracked for information for the Dispatch operator while Texting 9-1-1 is limited to 150 characters, does NOT allow emojis or photo/images (as of the 2016 introduction).

Keep safe and your smart devices charged at 80% or better.

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