Prepare for Road Closures! President Trump Arrives

(Map Credit to KHON 2 News)

President Donald Trump is scheduled to arrive this Friday, Nov. 3.

Expect major traffic delays Friday and possibly Saturday in the H-1 and Waikiki areas. The public is urged to avoid these areas if possible.

Barriers may be placed in various parts of Waikiki starting late Thursday evening into Friday morning in anticipation of road closures.

The City and County’s Traffic Management Center will be fully staffed to adjust traffic signals to improve flow on side streets during that time.

General times and locations follow: (Subject to change)

  • 2-3 p.m. Eastbound closures from Pearl Harbor to Waikiki
  • 4-5 p.m. Westbound closures from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor
  • 7-8 p.m. Eastbound closures from Pearl Harbor to Waikiki

The following street closures are anticipated in Waikiki. Some pedestrian access will be prohibited in areas designated off-limits by the U.S. Secret Service (all information is subject to change):

  • Kuhio Avenue between Kalaimoku and Kaiolu streets
  • Kalaimoku Street between Kalakaua and Kuhio avenues
  • Two mauka lanes of Kalakaua Avenue between Kalaimoku Street and Saratoga Road

TheBus and TheHandi-Van services will still run, but they also be delayed due to traffic (see map below). Some bus stops will be closed in Waikiki. Call (808) 848-5555 or click here for more transit information.

If you have an event to go to, plan ahead and leave early.

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