*Update: Department of Emergency Management released list of Oahu shelters to open Thursday, August 7th at 10pm and TheBus to provide free transportation for evacuees along route(s) CLICK HERE FOR MORE


You Are Prepared for an Emergency


Charge your phone/smart device/tablet.

Make sure your vehicle is at least three-quarters full of fuel.

Have cash.

Important documents are in water-proof container(s).

You and your family have a plan.



The following links can be helpful if your neighborhood is likely to be affected by flooding, high winds and possible evacuation.

First, is your current location secure enough to keep you and your family safe? BRIEF OVERVIEW HERE


If you need to go to a shelter, bring only your disaster supply kit. If you have special medications or wear glasses, remember to pack that, too. Carry on you your personal I.D., some cash and plastic bag to protect your important paperwork.


Essentials for your disaster supply kit includes: a gallon of water, per person, for at least seven days; seven days worth of non-perishable food, per person in your party. Flashlight with extra batteries; a first aid kit; towelettes; wrench; dust mask; can opener. CHECK LIST HERE


Hurricane Evacuation Shelters may not open in your neighborhood and are most times designated for those with no other safe options.  STATEWIDE/ISLAND-BY-ISLAND LIST HERE


If you have a pet, pack their food, medication and water and have their travel kennel ready to go. Not all shelters will allow pets so please review listing above to plan accordingly.


Remain calm, keep dry and off the road. Listen to radio and TV to keep up to date.


Do not make calls to 9-1-1 unless it's an emergency. Also, remain off the phone to not tie up phone lines for those who do need emergency services.


For the most recent Hurricane Iselle updates from the National Weather Service - National Hurricane Center CLICK + REFRESH LINK