Why you shouldn't expect iPhone 12 deals this Amazon Prime Day

We expect plenty of deals duringAmazon Prime Day 2021on June 21, and it won’t be tough to find great discounts on gadgets, tablets, and phones. But one thing you probably won’t find?iPhone 12deals on Amazon Prime Day.

That’s not to say it’s impossible – you could find some savings here and there on older iPhones, but you won’t find the discounts you might expect on a bigger deals holiday likeBlack Friday. But the real issue is that Apple simply doesn’t participate in sales events that it’s not holding.

So what WILL you find on Amazon Prime Day? Deals onAndroid phones, most likely, with discounts on older and budget models as retailers make room for the new stock. And certainly deals on other devices likeAmazon Fire tablets, headphones, home goods, and other gadgetry.

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