Experts Predict What Gamers' Hands Could Look Like In The Future

Gaming tech has evolved to allow all of us to play our favorite video games for much longer stretches. We're even living in a world where you can make bank as a gamer.

Casino review site wondered what it would look like if, just like technology, our hands evolved over the next 50,000 years to keep gaming moving forward.

Their rendering is terrifying.

Teaming up with gaming product company Creative Cornelius,'s 3D model shows that as more buttons are added to gaming controllers our hands will need to do more work, requiring our index and middle fingers to grow insanely longer.

It doesn't look much better for the ring finger or pinky, either. They would recede to look more like claws "in order to wrap around the controller."

The managing director of the 3D rendering said "Controllers are ergonomically designed, however, the increased immersive experience of some games require more buttons to play."

He then turned around to say that "controller manufacturers are responsible for designing controllers that lessen the impact on our physiology."