This is When Americans Can Expect to Get Their $1,400 Stimulus Checks

When could a third round of stimulus checks arrive? CNET, which has done the impossible by wading through government drama, thinks it has a pretty good idea when we could expect the third round of stimulus checks. A final decision on more stimulus payments needs to be made within four weeks. Congress, conveniently, is in recess this week. So, that gives the government three weeks to finalize Biden's COVID-19 relief package. Then you the lag time between the IRS approving you for another payment and actually sending it to you by direct deposit or check. With all of that in mind, CNET believes that the third round of stimulus checks, if approved by the government, would arrive by direct deposit the week of March 22nd or 29th. The website thinks that those getting a check payment could see them in their mailbox the week of March 29th or April 5th. The first EIP cards would be sent within another week or two. Again, this is if the government can agree on a few things first.

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