The Worst Thing You've Ever Seen a Co-Worker Do?

BuzzFeed recently asked its readers to share the most awful thing they've ever seen a co-worker do on the job. Here are 10 of the most shocking responses:

"A co-worker of mine brought in a live tree to our already tiny office (closet-sized) to work. She had cut it down from the side of the road. Also, she brought in a fish to work every day, and named it Swimmy Timmy."

"I once had a co-worker who showed up to our office in a wedding dress. Like, an obvious white wedding dress with a crinoline and beading, the works. When our manager asked why she wore a wedding dress to the office, my coworker replied, 'I was out of clean clothes and didn’t feel like doing laundry.'

 "The woman in the cubicle next to mine collects Troll dolls. Every color hair. Hundreds. Every where. They even peer overtop into mine. There is barely any space on her desk for real work or even a computer."

 "I had a co-worker who ran an eBay shop on the side. She would package her orders at work, including using our employer’s shipping service and mail room to ship her orders. She saw absolutely nothing wrong with this when confronted about it. Even when she was fired, she didn’t understand what she did wrong."

 "I was one of a couple guys in a predominantly female office. During staff meetings, we would all crowd into the lunchroom to meet. One guy, who sat in the middle of the room, decided meetings like this were the perfect time to TRIM HIS TOENAILS! The gals who could see this were appalled, but I was fine with it... he just made the remaining few dudes look that much better!" 

 "At a call center--with shared cubicles as far as the eye could see--I had a coworker who changed her pad under her desk."

"Once, I went into my supervisor's office like five minutes before we opened to ask him a question, he was laying on the floor with a pillow and blanket with the lights turned off. He just said, 'I'm not here yet.' I work at a public library, btw."

 "I was quietly sorting through inventory when my boss suddenly kicked back his chair, bent over, and farted for like five minutes."

 "At a previous office, only two people had scissors: one coworker and our manager. Whenever a new employee asked who had scissors they could borrow, I would tell them, and then advise them not to borrow the manager's pair. They would of course ask why, and I'd tell them it's because I only ever saw him use them for two things: to snip open salad dressing packets, and to trim his nose hairs at his desk. They would always laugh... but never really believe me until they saw it for themselves... which they always did eventually, because his office had glass walls on two sides."

 "There was a lady who brought her little container of paper clips into the kitchen and washed them." 

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