Ring Lost in Garden 13 Years Ago Found on Carrot

In 2004, Mary Grams lost her engagement ring when it slipped off her finger as she was gardening at her family farm outside Edmonton. On Monday, Grams' daughter-in-law found the ring wrapped around a growing carrot in that same plot of land. "First she said, 'Did you lose an engagement ring?'...and then she kind of started laughing, 'You know it grew into a carrot?'" Grams tells CTV News. "I did clean it up and it's in pretty good shape." Grams had only told her son Brian that she'd lost the ring, replacing it with a lookalike and never telling her husband Norman, who died in 2012. "Maybe he would have got a laugh out of it," Grams says.

For more details and pics follow the link below:


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