Film Facts That Seem Made Up But Are Totally Legit

Buzzfeed has put together a list of film facts that sound bizarre, but are absolutely legit. Here are 10 highlights:

Horror movies can help you burn calories. According to a study from the University of Westminster, watching a horror classic such as The Shining could help you to burn around 184 calories, and seeing Linda Blair twisting her head around in The Exorcist may help burn off 158 calories. Onscreen scares accelerate your heart rate, and cause a surge in adrenaline. 

Time travel movies are banned in China. The Chinese government considers the subject of time travel, in television as well as film, to be a dangerous element of fiction. They don't like anything that distorts the course of events and the theme is often used to comment on current affairs.

The actress who played Samara in The Ring is the same one who did the voice of Lilo in Lilo & StitchHer name is Daveigh Chase, and she probably gave you nightmares for years after you saw The Ring... or maybe you remember her fondly as the voice of the adorable Lilo in Lilo & Stitch. Whatever you like. 

Christian Bale's character in American Psycho was inspired by Tom Cruise. Maybe you always thought Patrick Bateman, with his '80s yuppie style and good looks, seemed familiar. Well, you were right, because the director of the movie, Mary Harron, confirmed that Bale was inspired by Tom Cruise. 

There was a budget set aside for buying cocaine while filming night scenes in Blues Brothers"Everyone did it, including me. Never to excess, and not ever to where I wanted to buy it or have it", said Dan Aykroyd in an interview. 

The man who inspired Tom Hank's character in The Terminal lived in an airport for 18 years. His name is Mehran Karimi Nasseri, and he is an Iranian refugee who lived in Terminal 1 at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris from August 8, 1988 until July of 2006. After fleeing Iran, he sought refuge in a number of different countries, and lost his passport en route in England, stranding him in the French airport. 

Steven Spielberg has been thanked more often at the Oscars than God. According to a study, Spielberg gets shouted out in acceptance speeches more often than the all-powerful creator of the universe.

In 1896, Alice Guy-Blaché was the first ever woman to direct a movie. She went on to make over 1,000 movies in her lifetime. She wasn't just the first female director, but she also had one of the most prolific film careers ever. She made more than 1,000 cinematic works, 350 of which have survived, and 22 of those being feature films.

The theater chain AMC first added cup holders to their seats in 1981. CEO Stanley Durwood sought to supply AMC theaters with the most comfortable seats in order to encourage more visitors to his theaters. 

Nobody really knows how many toes Yoda has. Yoda has a different number of toes depending on which movie in the Star Wars saga you're watching. In Episode I, Yoda has three toes, while in Episodes III and VI he has four toes. In Episode V, it's not clear if he has three or four toes. All the Yoda toys produced don't help either, because they've had three, four, and sometimes even five toes.

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