Infuriating Things in Every Horror Movie

Buzzfeed asked its readers to share what annoys them the most in horror films. Here are 10 of their best responses (check out the full list at the link):

"Protagonists coming up with witty dialogue in life-threatening situations. Who has time to be punny or corny when you're literally fighting for your life?"

 "Someone choosing to hide in an incredibly obvious place. If you're going to hide in the closet at least bury yourself underneath a pile of clothes or something." 

"Killers ALWAYS being one step behind, no matter how slow they appear to be walking." 

"When somebody calls out 'hello' when there's an intruder in the house. Like you really think they're going to answer 'What's up, I'm in the bedroom. Gonna kill you. Lolz.'"

"The killer getting knocked down but no one bothering to further incapacitate them. They assume he's going to stay unconscious for like three hours and they don't tie his ass up with anything! If the SOB is out for one minute wrap his a** up like a damn burrito." 

"Cell phones always being dead or having no signal. B**ch, I have Verizon and my phone is always charged." 

"People running past an obvious escape route. WHY DO THEY RUN PAST THE FRONT DOOR AND RUN UPSTAIRS?!?! EVERY DAMN TIME!!"

 "People never leaving their new home after some seriously spooky s**t has gone down. First the dog refuses to go anywhere near it, then you hear strange noises, and THEN things start moving on their own. I'm long gone."

"The skeptical husband/boyfriend who doesn't believe their partner despite witnessing some weird s**t themselves."

"Groups deciding to split up and investigate strange goings-on like they're in Scooby Doo. Like, seriously. It's bad enough that you have to go investigate it, but to split up?"

 'Protagonist having a weapon and then just f**king dropping it. I don't care if you think the bad guy is gone or if you're running for your life, hold on to that freakin' knife until you're absolutely 100% safe!"

 "Characters never having their phone on silent while hiding, and of course, their phone then ringing at the WORST possible moment."

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