Ghosting Your Job? How to Make Work...Work!

As I scrolled my twitter feed, I read, "The idea of 'ghosting' a job brings up questions of obligation and reciprocity" in their Moments tab.

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There are countless reasons for skipping out on most things in life and I do hope when you want to quit your job that you take a moment to sit with your boss or direct supervisor and make arrangements to have someone replace you. 

True, there are many variables that can affect why one would pick up and dip out without notice! When can, do it!

If you've scrolled this far, maybe you're ready for another way of seeing your restlessness at work!

Me, too! Sometimes it's not the work that is could be the way I am currently seeing my routine. 

Let's re-watch a T.E.D.X-talk from Zain Asher - or any TEDx! they're great! - for another way to view our challenges as opportunities or stepping stones into our next or new!

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