Airline Flights: Cancelled, Postponed, Updates


"'OHANA by Hawaiian Airlines has cancelled flights for August 23, 2018":


9:36AM           10:17AM    HNL-JHM   HA620

10:41AM         11:17AM    JHM-HNL   HA651

12:26PM         1:04PM       HNL-JHM   HA652

1:25PM           2:04PM       JHM-HNL   HA653

4:38PM           5:16PM       HNL-JHM   HA654

5:40PM           6:16PM       JHM-HNL   HA657

6:46PM           7:20PM       HNL-LNY    HA624

7:46PM           8:18PM       LNY-HNL    HA623RIVAL

Please note all ‘Ohana by Hawaiian flights scheduled for August 24, 2018 will be cancelled. We are working to re-accommodate passengers on other flights.

See more on their official site and flight status page. [posted: 2:35pm 8/23/18]



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