Where to Buy Face Masks in Hawaii (*Also How to Sew Your Own!)

This isn't a total and complete listing for all face masks on sale in our Hawaiian Islands! I like to say, "it's a good start!" often and like to see what is available in Hawaii.

Please share your suggestions for me to add local designers and locations, LMK!

I also tried to find shops that had locally-based vendors that did their own manufacturing. Wow! It took me down a rabbit hole of reading various stories on how businesses began. So cool!

a-line hawaii face masks

ABC Stores Fashion Masks

Allison Izu Face Mask

Aloha Mask Face Mask

Ari South Masks

Coradorable PPE Antibacterial Face Mask

Every1ne Hawaii Face Mask campaign

Farmers Market Hawaii

Fighting Eel Face Masks

HiFi (Hawaii's Finest) Masks

Hilo Hattie Fashion Face Masks

IN4MATION Face Masks

'Iolani Face Masks

Kono's Northshore Face Mask

LAVAHUT Face Masks

Lightsleepers Mask

Manuheali'i Accessories / Face Masks

Reyn Spooner Aloha Masks

Roberta Oaks Face Masks

Shaka Time Hawaii Fashion Face Masks

Tori Richard Masks

Vermilli Face Masks

Zippy's Zip Mask / Zippy's Thermamask

Over the past few months, you've likely discovered the better fitting face mask styles for you and your family. If you're feeling up to it, view designer KINI ZAMORA's How To video to make your own!

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