Ben Affleck talks about his current sobriety, new film "The Way Back"

It's going to be a therapeutic press junket for director/actor/screenwriter Mr. Ben Affleck and I'm here for it!

I'm a fan of his roles in "Chasing Amy", "Argo", "Dogma" and "Bounce".

After watching this segment of the upcoming full interview with Ms. Diane Sawyer, it reminds me that we all have ways of coping with our personal challenges.

They feel bigger when we feel it's hopeless and at times, one can hide it from others out of fear of judgement, thinking, "I supposed to be able to do this on my own".

I did a general search online for "Hawaii help for addiction" and our state's ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE DIVISION page included sources for folks in need of a start and direction to get assistance.

Talk to your family, BFFs and loved ones. It's important to be open with yourself and kind to your own inner workings!

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