Reef Aikau: Ho`oikaika `Ohana Beach Day

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Magic Island Beach Park

SUP – Paddleboard – Surfski – Canoe Race

10:00 a.m. start

In the spirit of saving lives, lifting hope and engaging community, the Domestic Violence Action Center is launching an event to honor Reef Aikau, who was a water child, and of a water family. The event, Reef Aikau Ho‘oikaika ‘Ohana Beach Day is designed to allow for participation in mixed water events. A Steering Committee is helping to coordinate and design an adventurous and memorable day.

The unbearable, unimaginable loss of one’s young child is life altering and creates emotional challenges beyond repair. Motivation is to prevent other such tragedies from occurring – always.

Raising awareness, and reminding our community about the potential lethality is imperative. This is an essential part of DVAC’s mission. The coordination of this event will create multiple opportunities for attention to be focused on the prevalence of the problem, the avenues for escape, the options available and the ways to live and leave safely.

Bringing community together in the interests of island families is an endeavor, we deeply believe, is worth pursuing.

On June 13, 2017, three months shy of his eighth birthday, Reef was stabbed by his father, who subsequently killed himself.

Reef was an artist, competitive swimmer and surfer, snowboarder and strong reader. Reef had received a full scholarship to attend the Honolulu Museum of Art School and received ribbons, trophies and a surfboard for his swimming and surfing. Reef created a custom hat design which became retail products sold at Sea life Park, ABC Stores, Rainbow Drive-In and Hawaii Theater.

Join us on Sunday, February 23 at Magic Island Beach Park for stand-up paddling, paddleboard, surfski, and a canoe race, in the spirit of peace and Reef’s memory.

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