How You Can Help Families of 2 Police Officers Who Lost Their Lives On Duty

Aloha family and friends, we are sadden by tragedy that took place, We would like to share options on how to donate to the fallen Officers.

Officer Tiffany Enriquez

Message from GoFundMe Page:

Dear Friends, Family, Blue Family and Chamorro/Hawaii and Fitness Family/Community We are starting this GoFundMe site to help support the family of Tiffany Enriquez. By now you may have heard the tragic news of the two Hawaii PD Officers (Officer Kalama and Officer Tiffany Enriquez) killed in the line of duty. Tiffany loved life, loved her family and her job as a police officer. She was a professional fitness athlete and a proud Island girl. She loved Hawaii and the community she served. At times like these, we know that our friends, extended families and communities are always willing to help. Tiffany's family needs your support to help pay for her funeral/memorial and travel expenses. The money will go straight to her family. The family has authorized me Carmen Cepeda Garza (her Auntie and is being assisted by her daughter in law Renee Garza) to humbly ask for this support. Our goal is to raise $10,000 Your support large or small would be greatly appreciated.


Officer Kaulike Kalama

Message from GoFundMe Page:

KK was an Officer with the Honolulu Police Department. His life and others were tragically taken in the event that unfolded at Hibiscus Drive on Sunday January 19, 2020. Not only did it take innocent lives, but it has displaced many families as well. We are setting up this page for his wife and son to not only help with any and all costs that they will carry the burden, but to also try and help his family set up for some long term help.

There are many great stories of "KK" to fill a novel and we want everyone to share a story that you have of or with "KK" when you donate to his family.  Let them see below the man he was amongst his family, friends & peers.

KK worked a lot of special duty and overtime, here is a chance to pick up a few OT shifts for him as he will no longer be able to do so for his family.

"KK" paid the ultimate sacrifice protecting and serving not only the public but also his brothers and sisters in blue and now is the time to show the support for "KK" as he will no longer be able to provide for his family. A family that relied so much on that support!

"KK" put on his uniform, left the house to serve & protect, but did not make it home to his family! 

We all have yesterday, today and tomorrow! Someone took that away from the KALAMA family and now all they have left are the memories of yesterday! No one knows how important tomorrow is until it has been taken from them!

Here is the link to the official "Tiffany Enriquez Ohana Fundraiser" page. Tiffany was also a sister in blue and was tragically taken from us in the horrific event on Hibiscus Drive.


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