Woman Almost Lost Her Lip After Botched Injection At Botox Party

A British woman nearly lost her top lip after a beautician accidentally injected lip fillers into an artery during a Botox party at a friend's house. 29-year-old Rachael Knappier attended the party with no intention of getting Botox treatment, but after a few drinks, Knappier decided to go ahead with the injections. 

"She noticed the bump on my lip when she was doing my Botox and said she could inject a bit of filler for me if I wanted her to," Knappier told The Sun. "To be fair, she told me to go and have a think about it in the kitchen but she’d found my weakness. My lip is the one thing that really bothers me about my appearance."

The beautician, who had been released from prison earlier in the year, started the procedure but instead of injecting the fillers into her lip, injected them into an artery.

"One injection upwards towards my nose was very painful," Knappier remembered. "Within a few hours I began to feel unwell, my lips swelled like nothing I'd ever seen before and the pressure was unbearable."

Knappier contacted the beautician, who told her that it was likely an allergic reaction and suggested she go to hospital. Doctors determined that she was not suffering an allergic reaction and told her to return to the beautician to get treatment to dissolve the fillers.

When Kanppier's lip split open she reached out to The Consultant Clinic in London who told her they would have a doctor ready to treat her as soon as she arrived. 

“The owner told me I needed to get to London immediately and that she’d have an emergency doctor waiting for me," Knappier said. “She said that, based on looking at my pictures, her medical team suspected vascular occlusion, meaning that the filler had been injected into an artery and could lead to necrosis – death of soft tissue. I honestly thought I was going to die."

A few days later she made it to London, where a doctor injected her with a dissolving agent and within 72-hours the swelling started to decrease. It took nearly three months before her lips started looking normal again. 

“I would never go near a Botox party again. I’m cross that I didn’t do my research and just assumed that everyone who injects Botox and fillers has been to medical school," she said. “I could have had the same reaction to the filler with a doctor but the difference is that they would have known what to do to treat it. The combination of the party atmosphere, my own naivety and the beautician’s lack of training meant I could have lost my lip."

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