Jezebel has put together its list of the 44 hottest presidents in U.S. history. Here are the top 10, along with some choice commentary (click link for complete list):

10. Warren Harding. "Looks like Mr. Carson, if you're into that sort of thing."
9. James Monroe. "Probably a hipster."
8. Bill Clinton. "Probably hitting on your roommate right now."
7. James Garfield. "Jesus, those eyes."
6. Gerald Ford. "Swagger, athleticism, beautiful blue eyes--Ford's got it all."
5. Ulysses S. Grant. "Rocked a beard like no president before or after."
4. John F. Kennedy. "Could talk his way into Bill Clinton's bed. Probably has."
3. Rutherford B. Hayes. "The B must stand for BABE. Like Drew Brees without that thing on his face."
2. Barack Obama. "Gorgeous smile, great dad, carries himself with grace and cool. President Obama is seriously hot."
1. Franklin Pierce. "Franklin Pierce is the kind of boy you can take home to mom and then take home to bed."

Here's the whole list with pics included.