Joined KSSK?
July 1978

If I had a theme song it'd be?
Beethoven's 9th

Originally from?

Michigan, grew up in suburbs or Washington D.C.

Now resides?
In Kailua


Live Musical Concert?
The Four Tops, University of Michigan, 1966

Audio Purchase?

Vinyl 45 single, "You've lost that lovin feelin'" Righteous Brothers 1965

Paying Job?
Record store, selling records (Albums $3.98)

When away from the radio station, you may find me...
On TV; in a meeting; or in my backyard, reading.

When I get the chance to eat out, I enjoy...
Grilled salmon, good wine.


Movies, actors/actresses?
Quirky character actors - Paul Giamatti, Marion Lorne, Frank Morgan, Jack Black


Forbes, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek (hate it, but read it)


Albums, Bands/Artists?

Writer: Dennis Kamakahi, Singer/Songwriter: Enya

Sports, teams?
What else....UH Football

Places to shop, spend money?

Wine Country...California, Oregon, Washington

The Trend I still don't get is...
Text-messaging by adults.

Even while I live in Paradise, I dream about visiting...

Other parts of paradise.  You can't spend too much time on the Neighbor Islands.

Charities and organizations that are doing good works to check out...

Rehab Hospital, The Takitani Foundation, Friends of Hawaii Charities, Castle Medical Center

Mos' favorite pidgin words and da kines...