At 11:54am today (Sunday, July 28), the Department of Emergency Management shared the basic list for you to Be Prepared and Calm for whatever Tropical Storm Flossie may bring. SEE NIXLE RELEASE HERE

With the possibility of heavy rains and gustier winds, do you know where your nearest Shelter is located? CLICK HERE TO PRINT LISTING PER ISLAND

While Flossie is now a Tropical Storm, she could bring higher levels of seawater to your neighborhood. Review your address HERE and see if you would need to hele up ground, just in case.

Other basics are already in your pantry, like a 7-day supply of non-perishable food, water and batteries for battery-powered radio/TV/flashlights as well as making sure your vehicle is fueled up. 

You have pets? Find their carrying kennel and any food/medication/clean-up/feeding dishes in one place.

Remember that these pointers are to keep you safe and you are already doing what you can by going over your checklist!