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Heart Songs by Kathy With a K


Got Snapchat? Send FREE Flowers for Valentine's Day (limited time!)

ProFlowers is truly bringing Valentine's Day love through the weekend with FREE surprise Valentine's Day flowers beginning at midnight EST tonight (7pm HI 2/11/16) through midnight EST tomorrow...
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No Eddie contest today... How Big Can the Surf Get??

Eddie didn't go today though big surf can be found pretty much any time during the winter season up North Shore :) See past years when the surf was popping and only the elite big wave chargers...
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Kate Winslet *admits* Rose could have saved Jack in "Titanic" ;)

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Actor Hugh Jackman tells Ellen about his *little crush* some 20 years ago

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Wait, there is a big game on Sunday?

hahaha okay! There is something for everyone this Sunday when it comes to oogling at smiles, puppies and man buns... ...and This is  Brock O'Hurn's IG :)    ...
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This was ME last week... well, like, every other day :) #SelfiesAllDay

Taking the bestest selfie ever is a fool's game...I am that fool! Thankfully folks near me are understanding hahaha! I guess I've been *lucky* no one is rolling video when I prepare and primp...
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When Celebrity Couples Do Extremely Normal Africa ;)

So cute! Married and now parents, actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard had an epic African safari vacation that they set to the music of Toto ("Africa"...yup yup!). It's dork-tacular and...
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Want to Design the upcoming Taylor Swift book cover?

Website for #SwiftFanBook is updated: Go crash it #Swifties ;) (but not really, please, think of the designers!) — Simon & Schuster (@SimonBooks)...
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Is Restarting an Old Romance a Good Idea?

Breaking up the first time was tough! Time goes on and you find yourself in the same room with a former love. Is there a spark? Is this fate presenting itself with another chance when it...
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Gwen Stefani's Fashion Rules are...

Gwen Stefani has been candid to a point about her personal life - this is where the music can be left to interpretation! One thing she's always touted is a sense of style that works for her and...
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